underwaterThe summer and autumn of 2015/16 saw a consolidation of EMR activities in Otago. This year’s Community Guided Snorkel
Day was held at Karitane Peninsula, with a total of 27 snorkelers. Our big step forward for the 2015/16 season was the purchase of twenty sets of fins, booties, hoods, gloves and weight belts – all essential for enjoyment of the seas down here.
These complemented our existing wetsuits, masks and snorkels provided by EMR and supporters. Our new purchases were kindly funded by a grant of $4,181 from the Otago Community Trust - a gift which is greatly appreciated now and in years to come. Contact

EMR History

On the 21st October 2013, EMR’s national coordinator initiated a scoping meeting for EMR in the Dunedin region, 17 people attended the meeting. There was unanimous support from all those that attended the meeting for EMR to go ahead in the Otago region.

EMR Otago Goal
To raise awareness, understanding and support for marine conservation through provision of dynamic experiential environmental education opportunities.
Its objectives are:

  • Build support for the establishment of marine reserves in the region
  • Transfer information and understanding about marine conservation into the wider community
  • Provide opportunities for communities to experience their marine environment
  • Support the MPA forum process by engaging communities in hands on snorkel experiences at the proposed sites
  • Motivate action projects within programme areas that enhance awareness of and provide greater understanding within local communities of the marine environment.

So far we have piloted the EMR programme with 1 school (Kings High) in 2015 thanks to the support from the Tindall Foundation and several other schools have been contacted via a presentation roadshow. We also piloted a Community Guided Snorkel Day in 2015 for Seaweek.

We plan to continue to expand on the pilot programme in Otago.

The current Otago coordinator is Andrew Penniket andrew@deepandmeaningful.co.nz
Please contact either Andrew or the national EMR coordinator to offer your volunteer time or services

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