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Northland Health Camp School - Maunu - Camp 10 2008

Twenty one students from all around Northland at Northland Health Camp School participated in the EMR programme.

For many students it was their first time snorkeling, and many did not know what a marine reserve was.

As part of the programme the students along with Health Camp teachers and staff investigated the two nearest coastal marine reserves: Whangarei Harbour marine reserve and Goat Island marine reserve.

"It was the best day of my life cause we saw over 40 different types of life forms in the marine reserve" Te Wiremu

"I can't wait to take my family there and teach them about marine reserves and why they are so cool!" Sian

The students were especially excited about the potential at the Whangarei Harbour marine reserve to one day be as abundant as Goat Island. So, all rubbish found on the day was picked up and letters to the Whangarei District Council and the Northern Advocate were sent outlining their concern at the lack of toilets and rubbish bins in the reserve adjacent to the marine reserve.

The school was also concerned about the future of Motukaroro Island within the marine reserve, which currently has no form of protection despite being a nesting site for threatened coastal birds.

Upon the completion of the programme and as students departed to return for their own schools and local areas all agreed they would like more marine reserves in Northland to visit with their families.

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