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The EMR Programme

emr snorkel experienceInformation + Experience + Action = EMR!

Our goal: To engage as many people as possible in meaningful experiences in the marine environment.

 “We work with hearts and minds. These are the building blocks for people to create emotional connections with their environment.” Samara Nicholas (EMR founder)


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EMR coordinators offer guidance, direction and coordination of classroom exercises and field trips to the ocean. EMR seeks funding to provide the full EMR programme to schools.  Our full programmes involve investigating marine biodiversity via a classroom presentation, a pool session and snorkel in a local marine environment before venturing to a marine protected area. After this experience, students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are encouraged to put their knowledge into action within the community.

Snorkel equipment provided

We  provide snorkel equipment, instruction, resources and snorkel risk management. For many students, it is their first time using snorkel gear. EMR snorkelling experiences recommends a 1:2 adult/student ratio for year 8 and below, the result being active involvement of many family and community members. 

otaika valley
Casual 'User paid' snorkel experiences

In addition to the full EMR programme outlined above. EMR is interested in getting as many people as possible to ‘experience’ a marine reserve and the marine environment. EMR offers ‘once off’ introductory snorkel experiences (run in accordance with EMR snorkel Risk Assessment & Management Systems, EMR Kaupapa (looking & learning) and conditions outlined in the itinerary created for the task. We offer these experiences at marine reserves or locations of choice (e.g. as part of your school camp).