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Annual Community Guided Snorkel and Paddle Days

 D8A7202Experience the wonders of your local marine environment or marine reserve! The EMR programme organises Community Guided Snorkel and Paddle Days around the country. We provide free hire for all the snorkel/kayak/SUP equipment and provide experienced snorkel/kayak/SUP guides to lead your discovery. See our newly released 2023/24 season events calendar below! 



As the events go live you can check them out on our event calendar or our Facebook page has all the events loaded www.facebook.com/emr.mtsct

Auckland and Northland 2023/24 Event Posters

Auckland Poster 2022 23 V3


Northland Poster 2023 24 V2


If you have any further questions about how our snorkel days run please check out our pdfFAQ__Information_Sheet_2022-23.docx.pdf4.13 MB

COVID-19 santisation of snorkel equipment policy pdfSanitisation_Policy_2020_Operational_Policy.pdf123.17 KB

For free events requiring bookings - the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust - Experiencing Marine Reserves programme reserves the right to charge a fee for any 'no shows' or late cancellations. The usual policy is 48 hours, but the exact terms will be specified on your event sign up form. 'No shows' and late cancelations may affect our ability to offer free events in the future!


National Report 

National Promotional Report 2022/23