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EMR Hauraki (Coromandel)

ryan mahurangiHosted by The Friends of Te Whanganui a hei Marine reserve, Whenuakite School participated in the full programme in 2016 with some awesome conservation based action plans. Emma set up a plastic collection. There was a school bake sale that raised money for Maui dolphins. Also stalls on the side of the road for fundraising for Maui dolphin and a beach clean-up were organized. The Hauraki regional coordinator is Amber Boyd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



EMR History

From 2007, EMR Hauraki was coordinated by Department of Conservation's Hauraki Area Office for 3 years with support from DOC Head Office ‘seed’ funds. In 2009, the then Hauraki programme manager Joy Mickleson described the EMR programme to be wildly successful. In 2010, an external regional coordinator was sourced and our current external regional coordinator is Amber Boyd  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For sustainability reasons, to continue EMR into the future The Friends of Te Whanganui A Hei Marine Reserve Trust was identified as EMR Hauraki’s umbrella organisation. The Trust receives funds through fines incurred by illegal activity in the reserve and through grants and donations. One of the main reasons for setting up the Trust was so that funds could be raised to develop the educational aspect of the reserve with EMR in mind.

Members of the Trust are made up of two representatives appointed by Ngati Hei, one from the Te Whanganui A Hei Marine Reserve Committee and three representatives from the community.

Schools Involved to date:

  • Mercury Bay Area School (2008)
  • Mercury Bay Area School (2009)
  • Colville School (2009)
  • Tapu School (2009)
  • Whangamata Area School (2010)
  • Mercury Bay Area School (2010)
  • Whangamata Area School (2011)
  • Parawai (2011)
  • Opoutere School (2015)
  • Paeroa Central School (2015)
  • Coromandel Area School (2016)
  • Netherton School (2016)
  • Whenuakite School (2016)
  • Turua School (2016)

EMR Hauraki Goal
To raise awareness, understanding and support for marine conservation through provision of dynamic experiential environmental education opportunities.

  • Introduce young people to marine conservation through EMR programme
  • To increase awareness of the effects humans have on the marine environment and promote the Te Whanganui– A– Hei Marine Reserve
  • To provide opportunities for community stakeholders to become involved in marine conservation
  • Spread EMR to more schools
  • Strategic Direction – Vision EMR Hauraki
  • To continue to grow the programme in Hauraki by ensuring at least 1 school is involved in the full EMR programme during the summer school terms.
  • Work with schools on an ongoing basis whereby they show an ongoing commitment to ACTION projects, EMR becomes a culture in the school and/or schools are in close proximity of the marine reserve and therefore important schools to involve in a stewardship role
  • Inform the wider community via local media
  • EMR is to contribute no more than the estimated cost per school, to any school.
  • Schools can request to be on a waiting list for free delivery services and/or offered a quote based on cost price to provide service, local business could also sponsor involvement of schools
  • Additional requests for once off type services (rocky shore studies) are subject to EMR coordinator availability and ability of school making the request to fund the service.
  • Continue to prioritise low decile & coastal schools for the EMR programme
  • Target new & existing schools and or communities when they close to a marine reserve or a community group active in marine conservation initiatives or whereby ground level support for marine reserves is required (Tairua community)

Actively work towards providing all schools & community groups in the Thames Coromandel District with new material relating to the marine reserve as a result of participation in the EMR programme.



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